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XAUTOMATA Digital Twin for

Process Chain

Use the data of every single object that goes through every step of a production chain and analyse them to build a digital version of the chain’s machines, to improve their performances.

Business needs

Every production chain has different operating steps and several different assets. Having everything under control in real time is difficult using traditional tools and doesn’t guarantee a considerable increase of performance

Manufacturing Assembly

The Solution

With the Digital Twin designed for production chains, you can check all the data of every object that goes through the different steps. All of this in real time, enabling the system to understand if there are critical points, how to improve and what consequences their choices will entail.


Detect critical problems

Creating the digital copy of the entire process and having the data of all the objects that go through the different steps, it is possible to detect any issues that need to be addressed for a continuous improvement.

Foresee the effects of your decisions

Thanks to the virtual copy of the processes, it is possible to predict the effects that any operating decision entails in the entire process, in order to anticipate any problems and to define the best strategy to optimise resources.

Improve performance

Data analysis and corrective actions defined by Digital Twins, decrease errors rate, improve times of all the production stages and make the best use of all the resources used during the process.

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