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Cloud Cost Governance

Track your cloud costs clearly and manage them independently from your provider through one platform that groups, ranks, filters, analyses, and predicts future expenses

Identifying the costs is the first step to improve your governance. Spreading costs throughout different platforms could result into losing control over them. That’s why it is fundamental to collect all the data in one platform that can analyse them and filter them to show only what you really need to take decisions.


Furthermore, thanks to sophisticated machine learning algorithms, XAUTOMATA gives you a forecast of your company’s future expenses!



After collecting them on the platform, the system divides your multi-cloud environment costs into an operating map that labels them according to their category. Moreover, thanks to user profiles, they can be assigned to different members of the organization so that everybody is responsible for their own costs.


Every single cost is constantly monitored, and the data connected to it are analysed to understand its status and to keep any possible excesses or anomalies under control.



The platform features an anomaly detection system so that you can promptly react in case of unexpected costs and to safeguard the company resources. By adding the recommendation function, the system can analyse and define a standard behaviour to find data on which you can plan changes to the current cloud infrastructure.


The platform includes different cost anomaly standards that can be acted upon (such as fixing malicious anomalies, reducing costs, or using the resources only when they’re needed) at source, to swiftly optimise expenses.



Thanks to machine learning algorithms and to artificial intelligence, XAUTOMATA can provide a prediction of future expenses which shows the expense trend.


By being able to create, customise and manage both dashboard and widgets, you can create your own centralised view of the costs, in order to speed up the decision-making process and to meet any needs.


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