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The power of
Digital Twin

The only technology that makes it possible for modern companies to create a virtual copy of processes and complex systems, connected to a physical resource, with which it exchanges data in real time. The Digital Twin monitors, analyses, manages, plans, and escalates your business activities with great benefits in terms of reliability, efficiency, costs-effectiveness, and business growth.

“Adopting a Digital Twin is the right strategy to adapt, in a quicker and smarter way, to an ever-changing and ever evolving world”

Making your company dynamic

A DTO, acronym for “Digital Twin of an Organization”, is a dynamic digital model that uses operating data and other information to understand how a specific activity works, and to offer its users the opportunity to quickly respond to changes.

Our experience, our skills, and the solutions that we developed will make it possible for you and your company to fulfil the full potential of your business, decreasing manual activities and providing automation wherever it is needed.

We create advanced and dynamic models for companies from different sectors and, starting from provided information, we develop tailored strategies that provide a complete vision of the systems, an increase of performances and a team of experts that can support you with your strategic decisions.

Strongly recommended by Gartner, Digital Twins models are revolutionary and will make it possible for you to monitor, analyse, manage, plan, and escalate complex business activities.

How they work

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Data coming from systems and physical objects are accurately collected and their features and properties are acquired to create a virtual copy of every single resource or of the entire system.


Data Analysis

Data collected in real time are analysed and performances are monitored to provide an in-depth vision of the performances, identifying potential issues or areas that can be improved.


Performance improvement

Digital Twins simulate different situations and scenarios, with the advantage of testing and evaluating any possible changes before their implementation, reducing risks, and maximising their efficiency.

Why choosing them

Optimising operations

They monitor, simulate, and optimise operations in real time, and, analysing current performance, they detect any possible inefficiencies and test different improvement strategies.

Quicker development and iteration

With digital simulation you can test and evaluate different strategies, choices, and scenarios without the need of field testing. This reduces development times and optimises products and services performance before the launch on the market.

Asset maintenance and management

Digital Twins improve management and maintenance of assets reducing costs and increasing reliability. Thanks to real time data you can constantly monitor their health and predict any possible malfunctions or need for maintenance, avoiding unexpected disruptions and reducing inactivity times.

XA Digital Twins 



Tickets management, rebooting services and maintenance of internet lines are only some of the automations made possible by XAUTOMATA.



Thanks to Digital Twins it is possible to improve the automation outcome of a robotic process. XAUTOMATA offers you the opportunity to reduce the likelihood of service disruptions and managing malfunctions in a random way.

Supply chain


Analysing the data of every step of a supply chain, our system can create a digital version of the machines used in the chain, learning their skills with time.


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