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XAUTOMATA Digital Twin for

IT Managed Services

Your company can centralise the governance of all the IT managed services from the same dashboard. Add automation to your processes and improve your business performance

Business needs

Every company has numerous services from many providers that are difficult and complex to manage.


Having all the related processes under control makes day-to-day work frustrating and doesn’t optimise performances.

Person Analyzing Data

The Solution

Centralising governance is fundamental Moreover, thanks to the XAUTOMATA Digital Twin dedicated to managed services, not only you can create a digital copy of the processes, but you can also automate the steps that slow down their management, hence your business


Centralised Management

Centralise the governance of all your services on the same platform where you can check data and procedures

Automating Procedures

Reduce manual operations and automate processes for a more efficient management

Performance Improvement

Improve your company performance reducing downtimes and troubleshooting times

Ticket System

"Thanks to the automation framework we managed to devise an automated ticket opening system in case of malfunctions, and to maximise ticket management efficiency through automation and always be aware of the infrastructure status. The XA system contextualises events and carries out a triage for all the tickets going through a multi-event correlation process, eliminating false positives, and assigning severity status, verifies contractual agreements, assigns the ticket to the resolution team and escalates if it is not managed within the right timeframe. All of this, connecting all the systems that are already present and running in the company."

CIO of Insurance Company

Internet Lines

"The XAUTOMATA solution can autonomously repair internet lines. Specifically, it can detect a line that is having problems and, by contextualising the problem, it can carry out specific procedures for every critical situation. "

IT Manager of TLC compay

Services reboot

"Periodic reboots of services or computers become automatic thanks to XA, avoiding discontinuity which is typical of timed processes. For instance, in monitored processes, it checks custom or contract conditions, if any downtimes occur, previous operations, and any objects that are subject to operations are monitored to guarantee service continuity. "

CIO of TLC company

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