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The Ultimate Digital Twin

XAUTOMATA platform allows you to create the digital twin of any process within your organization, learning directly from the context and information of your company.

The speed of Digital Transformation requires a high attention on processes, with the need for solutions that can portray a global vision of the business and a centralized governance


The Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) helps companies to prioritise, analyse, monitor, and plan their business, in a pre-set, dedicated environment.

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Modern companies' critical Aspects


Business Process

More, and more complex



The great number of platforms and data creates difficulties in day-to-day operations



Lack of end-to-end visibility of processes and dependency on legacy systems that force teams to solve problems instead of preventing them.



High dependency on people and tacit knowledge, which increase the risk of human error.


Makes it possible for your company to manage the increasing complexity
without limits!

Digital Twins are an essential tool for the health of your business. Every single choice that is made can result in both positive and negative effects. Being able to foresee them, will tell companies if the actions that they are carrying out are actually increasing the value of their business strategy.

One platform, a thousand features

Improve business performance with automation

Create the Digital Twin of any business process

Take decisions based on real-time data of your company

Group the data from several business applications in one platform


Welcome Cloud Seeker! 

We chose a name that conveys the idea of constant searching. That's why we selected Cloud Seeker, as the purpose of a tool like this is to seek optimization in cloud cost management

We have updated the XAutomata Cloud Costs module, evolving it into Cloud Seeker: enhanced analytical capabilities, increased interactivity and proactivity in cloud cost management, customizable reports, and a brand-new alert system

The updates don't stop here: keep following XAutomata to stay always up-to-date!


Main Benefits

Decreased number of incident by over 60%

Increased Proactivity



Incident time reduction

Reduce incident times by over 40% and improves IT to support business


Lower operating costs

Automates over 70% of ripetitive tasks


Success stories

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