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XAUTOMATA Digital Twin for

Robotic Process Automation

Improve the automation of an automated service thanks to precise instructions and by monitoring outcomes, decreasing the likelihood of service disruptions, and facilitating a quick resolution of any possible malfunction.

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Business needs

Automation systems that are used on a day-to-day basis don’t guarantee a complete automation of the entire process. Often the system is integrated with the human factor, becoming semi-automatic, also needing some manual actions.

The Solution

Integrating our Digital Twin with robotic systems, it is possible to give customised instructions based on the performances that are monitored and managed. Moreover, it also automates most of the manual processes and guarantees the correct functioning of the automation.



Precise and customised instructions

Your company can give robotic systems more and more precise instructions based on your company data.

Automation of manual procedures

Thanks to Digital Twins you can reduce the number of manual procedures and automate processes further, making your business agile and fluid.

Monitoring and improving performance

Use your company existing information to increase efficiency of your current systems, decreasing the risk of disruptions, managing malfunctions quickly and increasing your business performances.

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