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Backup and Business Continuity

Ensure backup availability and business continuity system outcome.

To make sure that your business always has a copy of the data in case any issue arises, you need a tool to check the backup status and to validate your disaster recovery solution.


Thanks to our XAUTOMATA system, you can do all of this from your dedicated dashboard in real time



Cloud backups are essential to guarantee a copy of your data in case of serious problems. However, unfortunately, their creation is a delicate process and sometimes it could be unsuccessful. XAUTOMATA verifies the status and validates data, avoiding data corruption or potentially expensive problems for your business


It can happen that procedures and technologies that form part of the disaster recovery system don’t work as expected. This process is both difficult and essential in case of malfunctions. Thanks to the XAUTOMATA platform you can automatically cross-check information coming from different systems to test the efficiency of the entire process without losing data.


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