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How to Best Manage Multi-Cloud Costs

abstract image rapresents multi-cloud complexity

Deploying applications and workloads to different Cloud providers is a well-established trend in enterprises, but it risks losing control over costs. How to avoid exaggerated outlays while maintaining a 360° view?

Managing multi-cloud costs has become a critical aspect for modern businesses, as more processes and infrastructures transition to cloud-based solutions. This shift has introduced new complexities in evaluating and controlling associated costs because relying on a single provider is less common, creating discrepancies in data concerning cloud expenditures.

Addressing this complexity requires a diversified analysis. It is essential to consider costs as a unified entity and then examine them from three different perspectives: resource visualization, microservices perspective and tenant view.

  1. Resource visualization: a detailed examination of costs, aiming to analyze the cost-effectiveness of individual cloud components and assess how much of these resources are actually utilized. This detailed analysis enables a full understanding of all investment details.

  2. On the other hand, the microservices perspective focuses on the specific use of different services within the cloud environment. Zooming in on specific parts allows for understanding the impact of each portion on overall management.

  3. Lastly, the tenant view refers to the overall cost of hosting intended for internal products, such as clients or business-oriented solutions. Evaluating how each part integrates into the entire process provides a comprehensive view on which to base future decisions.

This multidimensional analysis is crucial for making informed decisions about our cloud budget. It allows us to thoroughly understand the specific needs of the company, optimizing resource allocation and aligning expenses with business priorities.

Unfortunately, traditional tools are no longer sufficient for efficient analysis. In fact, each cloud provider has its own platform for visualizing costs associated with provided services. In a multi-cloud environment, this results in a significant time investment, and a genuine comprehensive cost overview is never achieved.

The Xautomata platform bridges this gap. We have developed a tool that enables complete visibility into cloud costs, irrespective of the provider. Through XA technology, you can have a unified platform that gathers, classifies, filters, analyzes, and predicts future cloud-related expenses!

This will allow you to enhance your governance, identifying any overages to reduce them, thereby saving the entire company.


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